Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tomari Iyumachi(泊いゆまち) Fish Market, the Place Serving Fresh and Tasty Seafood at Reasonable Prices in Okinawa, Japan

On May 2, 2017, our 2nd day in Okinawa, Japan, after we visited Naminoue Shrine, we kept walking to Tomari Iyumachi(泊いゆまち) Fish Market for our lunch. Of course, we came here for Okinawa's fresh and tasty seafood!

Tomari Iyumachi(泊いゆまち) Fish Market
There were lots of seafood stores serving many kinds of fresh and tasty seafoods at reasonable prices! I almost couldn't distract from them! But most of them were to go. We were expecting a restaurant with seats and yummy seafood.

Luckily, we found that store we desired! We had a delicious lunch at Maguroya Honpo(まぐろや 本舗). Its tuna donburi with Okinawa's signature, sea grapes, only cost me JPY 500! That was awesome! The sliced tuna was so fresh and luscious. And the miso soup was included!

Tuna Donburi, JPY 500(USD 4.5)
I found that its breakfast looked great!

I may try both of them next time when I visit Okinawa, Japan!

I'd also like to take out some sushi from Tomari Iyumachi(泊いゆまち) Fish Market. But unfortunately, my travel companion had been suffering from diarrhea after he landed in Okinawa, Japan. We just spent roughly 20 minutes going to Miebashi Station by foot without any seafood here. 

I think I'll come back to Tomari Iyumachi(泊いゆまち) Fish Market for its fresh and tasty seafood at reasonable prices!

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