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Po-Ku Tamago Onigiri Honten (ポークたまごおにぎり本店), the Onigiri (Rice Ball) Shop You Shouldn't Miss in Okinawa, Japan!

On May 2, 2017, the 2nd day of our trip to Okinawa, Japan, my friend and I went to Makishi Public Market in the morning for breakfast! We heard that there was a famous and delicious onigiri (rice ball) shop in the market! 

Po-Ku Tamago Onigiri Honten (ポークたまごおにぎり本店)

Po-Ku Tamago Onigiri Honten (ポークたまごおにぎり本店)
The long queueing there was far beyond my expectation! It took us roughly 1 hour to wait for the popular onigiri (rice ball). During our waiting period, we were watching the NBA playoff, Rockets @ Spurs. It took us the spare time.

By the way, although it depressed me, a Spurs fan since 1999, because San Antonio Spurs had poor performance at the game, I still believed that Spurs would eventually win the series!

The people in front of Po-Ku Tamago Onigiri Honten (ポークたまごおにぎり本店)
The long queue in front of Po-Ku Tamago Onigiri Honten (ポークたまごおにぎり本店)
There were lots kind of onigiris at the shop. I ordered 3 onigiris! They were shima-dofu, shrimp tempura and original!

The menu of Po-Ku Tamago Onigiri Honten (ポークたまごおにぎり本店)
The menu of Po-Ku Tamago Onigiri Honten (ポークたまごおにぎり本店)

The shima-dofu onigiri(rice ball) (Po-Ku Tamago Onigiri Honten (ポークたまごおにぎり本店))
The shima-dofu onigiri

The shrimp tempura onigiri(rice ball) ( Po-Ku Tamago Onigiri Honten (ポークたまごおにぎり本店))
The shrimp tempura onigiri

The original onigiri(rice ball), Po-Ku Tamago Onigiri Honten (ポークたまごおにぎり本店)
The original onigiri
After we got our onigiris, we headed to the nearby park to enjoy the onigiris. The onigiris were far beyond my expectation! The salty spam with the soft tamago(egg) were perfectly matched with the Japanese rice and seaweed! The shrimp tempura was also luscious. But the one I liked the most was definitely shima-dofu onigiri! The shima-dofu tasted really marvelous in the onigiri!

In my humble opinion, Po-Ku Tamago Onigiri Honten (ポークたまごおにぎり本店) is the restaurant you shouldn't miss when visiting Okinawa, Japan!

Map Information

Hours: 07:00 - 18:00 (Closed on Wednesdays)

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