Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Ramen Danbo, Kyushu's Best Ramen (the Branch in Okinawa, Japan)

On May 5, 2017, my friend and I visited Ramen Danbo for our late night supper at 1:00! In fact, it was not in my original itinerary. But after I had some alcoholic beverages, I suddenly changed my mind and decided to try the ramen at Ramen Danbo!

Ramen Danbo (Okinawa, Japan)
Ramen Danbo
There are always many customers lining up in front of Ramen Danbo during the dinner time. Ramen Danbo closes at 2:00.

We entered the restaurant at 1:00 that day and avoided wasting our time queueing!

Ramen Danbo's ticket machine (Okinawa, Japan)
The ticket machine 
There were many choices on its menu, but I thought that simple was best especially at late night! Like many ramen restaurants, we could customize our ramen! I ordered Ramen Danbo's simplest ramen with the firmest noodles, richest pork broth and more spicy sauce!
Ramen Danbo's ramen (Okinawa, Japan)
Ramen Danbo's ramen
I liked its firm noodles! The noodles were thin but al-dente! The rich broth mixed with the spicy sauce was really amazing! And it cost me only JPY 700 (USD 6.13)! I thought I had a quite satisfying late night supper at a reasonable price!

Map Information

Opening Hours: 11:00 - 02:00 
Official Website: http://www.danbo.jp/

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